Saturday, April 26, 2008


Bad news->
Me,Ching Yee,Kelvin, injuries today during practice, i fall during stunting hurt my waist and hand. Ching Yee hurt her hand during extension and she falls on her hand but was find *thank God*. Kelvin during spotting Sharon she falls on him and during shoulder sit Candy (his gf) she sat on him hahah was vry funny that time how she sat on him,:P he hurt his neck but was ok cause he been known as Cushion;) hahah then Candy hurt her toe and is Bengkak now...i think Kelvin surely ask her do toe pitch haih...Sharon and her stunt team are getting a bit slow now days..don't know why la. And last thing as usual Erein still dreaming.

Good news->
Jye Kuan and Yi Tong my vry good base is improving vry well..although they are new members:) they have the spirit! Cheng Yi is getting better and better, and Candy said that she have the spirit as a cheerleaders.

We Have Faith!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fingers cross for Cheer 08...

Today Annie(tailor),call n told us that our cheer outfit color is hard to get:( but is the only color that attract our attention n we Love it! ahh..btw the range is about Rm150 n above,Annie even said that it might cost till Rm200 or more..damn expensive *argh*...
Cheer 08 is coming,our team still fighting for it,to compete this already 4 years can't the school lets us go *fingers cross*..n there is too much thing to settle:
1.To go for Cheer 08
2.No team spirit
3.Routine not done
4.Team members can't come for practice
5.Cheer outfit not done yet,no shoes
6.Routine song *blank*
7.Not enough $$$ for transportation,outfits,shoes etc./ no sponsors
8.No mat,for safety
9.Some members parents don't allow cheerleading cause is too dangerous
10.Team members bad attitude/attitude problem

Hopefully thats end of this list..i can't afford anymore just too hectic but i willing to do this all for X-PLODETES =) go to go call Erein(blur case gal)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maddie's first cheer attempt

My sister Maddie, formed her own cheer team last year. This clip was her very first attempt to cheerleading. She has no experience in cheerleading at all but managed to convinced a few friends of hers to join her.

The school intially rejected her call for a cheerleading team, citing inappropriate attire and sexy moves the reason of rejection. But she struggled her way in getting her team to perform in the sport's day to prove the teachers that cheer doesnt have to be indecent. She was scolded and blacklisted by several teachers in her brave fight for a cheerleading squad.

After a year, they managed to form an official squad but the school is not sponsoring. The apparatus, uniforms & coach fees are bore by the cheerleaders, they dont even have a place to practise despite the school has huge shaded area.

They usually practise under hot scorching sun and get all sun-tanned. Despite being actively involve with dancing and cheerleading, she managed to score 6As for her PMR, quite a surprise to myself and my family. This year will not be an easy year for her due to her hectic performance and upcoming Cheer 2008. I wish her luck, and Maddie... STUDY....

Melissa Jie Jie

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T-HOP Finale @ SG Wang 2008.

Finale for T-Hop Competition, Maddie's crew was among the top 5 according to the judges.

Maddie & CSDC Crew @ T-Hop 2008 Heat 1

Maddie is the one dancing at the most right of the clip.
Maddie has been dancing for the past 4 years, she was earlier attached with Wendy's dance center at Kajang town, taught by Urban Groove instructors. Among her instructors are Joel (Urban Groove's Founder)and Fellest.

Currently Maddie is with Center Stage Dance Center at Kajang Prima.


Baby Break Dance

Came acrossed this on youtube. Gosh, can you believe this toddler here? Just 2 Years Old!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Battle of Sexes

Maddie's Birthday Dance - Solo

Maddie's Birthday

Yo People,

This blog is dedicated to my sista Madeline aka Maddie. She is a full-time student and part-time performer and cheerleader. My sister and myself will try to keep this blog updated with events and dance performance done by herself, her team and random dance performance that we have videotaped.

Stay tune people!

btw, today is her birthday! so this is for you maddie!

Love from Jie Jie Melissa