Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Awesome! *eventhough with a retarded leg*

Hey ppl! yeah my blog is full of spidey web edi :P too long didnt blog sorry!...and I wont be blogging till after SPM *shit* so get updated about us X-Plodetes, Cheer 09 go to Sylvia *bestie* 's famous blog :P
Btw, my leg is recovering :)
I can jump!
do bow and arrow!
heel stretch!
*working on scorpian*
I even show Mizan i can jump just now in tuition class :P
thx for caring guys!
ok thats all for this time! Have to wait till December :(
Cheer Is Still My Life! And Others Is Just Details Of My Life!
*even with a retarded leg* :P