Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melaka Trip! :)

vanessa and me
all calm before leaving HFK church

after a few while we play truth or dare :) and my fren have to kiss another boy! hahah
2009 Confirmation class!
dare him to poll dance *on a religious trip*
kaithlin poll dance on michelle

sorry shaun is andrew take wan
serric and me
1st stopped dunno wat church

uncle William explaining

2nd stopped Monforts Boys Home

it tasted like burger

clean rite?

Pink Bed! but drew said is pink to me :D
3rd stopped Santa Cruz Church *the church only opens twice a year*

but is open! :) Uncle William said is becuz of our good intension Lord grant what we seek for on this trip :)

4th stopped
Big Bos *white shirt*
sorry bos! :P
2009 Confirmation student!
Big bos kena pukul ;P

back bend haha

Drew showing off his fake magic
sorry bos!

5th stopped
St.Peter Church

6th stopped

Gay brothers
where ever i go Cheerleading is always with me!
sick kids
Bollywood style!
shaun and sungai hahha

serric's big boobs O.o


me cartwheel-ing!
found a coconut tree !

shaun, serric, drew, jem ,alvin *nic cant see him*

St.Francis Xavier
Drew's fat fingers

the cript of pioneer...i forgot

after evening mass

shaun :) the crowd at Jonker street

heading back home
before I leave Melaka

An awesome trip to Melaka :) It should have been a religious trip and everyone should have been calm and praying all the time but turned out everyone was playing truth or dare in the bus, joking around, gay-ing in the bus and this has make our relationship closer as one catholic from Holy Family Kajang :) and I enjoyed every moments of it. Besides I get to go all this churches where miracles happened. We reached a church were they dont allowed anyone to enter the old church but with Lord's blessing the clerk there let us in :) lucky us. Then we went to Monforts Boys Home, this is where the boys from poor family , drop outs or cant cope with their studies come stay here, they have been trained to do the chores and everything by their own , most of the boys there are muscluline and cute hahah :P. We are vry lucky ppl cause when we arrived there, one of the boys who have stay there before and now working donated 30 computers and a brand new Hilux *with plastic still on i saw* see HFK ppl brings luck hahah. Then we went straight to Santa Cruz church a well known church where ppl come from all over the country to celebrate Feast Day and Lent * if i not mistaken* and only on this two special day they use the church any other days the wont even open it and Lucky us again the church is open, not because we ask them to is because one of the ppl there felt like opening the church today :) see lucky us! and we got the chanced to visit the church and prayed there :) then we went for lunch. After that we went straight to visit other err....churches la..then we got the chanced to walk walk on our own in Melaka town and I cam-whore again ;) then by sunset we attended mass at St.Francis Xavier Church then go look for dinner at Jonker Street :) reached Kajang somewhere around 12 i think cause I was too blurred and sleepy and think