Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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15 Weird things/habits/little known facts

1. I Love Cheerleading
2. I Love Sylvia!
3. i can dance :) dance is my passion
4. I cant sing-.-
5. My hand got hole:( cuz my dog bite me -.-
6. my grammar sucker than primary skol children
7. I laugh like a pig :P
8. I love Snowy more than Lucky*the one who bite me*
9. I'm vry fat
10. i love youtubeing
11. i like being retarded in de sense of crazy
12. I Hate Sylvia cause she is a ballerina!:)n i'm not:(.. oh darn it ..
13. Embrys like to touch my ass...she been molesting me alot time T_T
14. I'm obsess watching children cheerleading they are awesome!
15. when i'm day dreaming i'm thinking of myself doin back tuck or some tumbling:(

I Tag...

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3.Si Wei
4. Becky
5. Raez
6. Shaunny
7. Naz
8. Tracy
9. Chess gal jie
10. Agnes

Hand Got Hole!

Last Sunday, at around 10p.m when i was happily drinking my mom's delicious soup of the day, my dog Lucky barking like crazy to go to the front of my house cuz he was at de back of my house.... so mom was outside bring my another dog Snowy for a walk*pang sai*-.- so mom ask me to bring him out from behind so when i n open de gate den he rush out n when to de toilet -.-*stupid dog* so is hard for me to pull him i decided to put Snowy's dog string on him den....guess wat lucky BITE ME! yeah his owner -.- -.- -.- he bite me twice one on my hand n my abdomen it happen so fast. Den i screamed i saw my hand Got A Hole! omg...crazy rite n my shirt is torn it was so painful, den my dad rush me to clinic but is Deepavali Eve so no clinic open till i have to go down to get inject;( it was so painful till now i cant even type wit both of my hand *yeah now typing wit one hand* how cool rite sleep oso cant seem to move my poor hand...make sure u guys pray for my hand