Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheerleader!,Catholic!,Crutches user -.-

Bone Fractured!
Yeah didnt know it will end up like that! Everyone thought it just 'sprained ankle'. I went to 4 different chinese medicine/doctors..
1st was a chinese massage lady, results: even more painful! and i cry my heart out till some of my saliva started to dripped :P pls serious sakit,dun even bother how disgusting it was
2nd doctor result: ass injection...
next day I continued to go for Cheer 09 and tahan the pain...i dunno how i did it but i think is because the power of prayer and oso the Spirit of a cheerleader ;P
3rd time went back to the chinese massage again,result:less pain but still pain -.-
4th was a chinese medicine*tabib* result: no pain cause he just placed some chinese meds to my day still abit same..
5th orthopaedics doctor result: Fractured bone! Rm429 for my medication and x-ray an ass injection...using crutches -.- yeah Thx Embie and Nissa! they was so happy that I was their 1st friend who uses crutches ...* i dun use crutches edi* :P
now my leg is getting better i hope ...i cant jump nor dance for 4 to 6 months...:(
Cheer Drama!
I think everyone knws what had happened to X-plodetes cheer team i guessed...It started off like this...
5 days before Cheer 09 Competition Sharon dislocated her elbow due to playing with her bro! And she is the captain for this year and the main flyer! this year routine was awesome! and many new stunts that no one did yeah only those close friend sees that routine b4..haih
So i have to replaced her place
as the main flyer..
I was not good at her tumbling part,I dunno why, I can do a walkover but kept on doing mistakes till i hurt myself*but was ok*
i think because of the pressure..i only left like 4 days O.O
Last practice on Thursday night, 2nd of July yeah 2 days b4 Cheer 09
this is our last practice on the whole routine that night and guess wat?
I fell...
from Extension Liberty
landed on my left ankle and sprain...*didnt knw it was fractured la*
next day thought i wont be ok till competition day but! I woke up cant walk...
I called Sylvia straight she was at skol and i wasnt obviously -.-
I told her abt it and they have to changed the whole routine! like a day b4 Cheer 09!
So our cheerleaders started practising the new routine...
everyone was one is calm ..even Sharon *the captain for 09*
i wasnt allowed to go out of house..but i insisted to go there(bukit mewah our practice place)
I calmed everyone to them....and finally ask them to show me the new routine
It wasnt the best routine but this is the only routine we can do now and we did or best..
and my cheerleaders did the best!:)
although all this pressured hit them at this vry moment but they took that to aside and prove to me that they can do it ! I was really proud!
The next day...we go for it and did our best we can :)
other ppl might say we suck and no extreme stunts and stuff but i dun bother to listen
cause no one knew wat had happened within that week...
I didnt perform on 4th of July,Saturday...the pain was still there so i rest..
then after that night...we go back to skol and practice once..
Yaya fell...and hit her head on the floor...and bleed
everything was so bad luck to us...everything hit us within that week
and Yaya was rush to the hospital but was ok just minor cut on her head even the X-ray didnt say anything * Thx Lord*
5th July,Sunday,the last day for us..
Yaya is down i went back in the routine..
changed the whole routine AGAIN! at 6am in skol...practice for 20 minutes the most and went for it:D
everything was good and i tahan the pain:)
WE DID GREAT! yes not as good as other teams...but they dont have so much problems...
I'm Just So Proud :D
Eventhough i really want our original routine to show...but we cant...I'm still not normal yet,so do Sharon's elbow... but will video the original one and sure to post it up here and at all X-Plodetes Cheerleaders blogs :)
you want Cheer 09 picture?
Sorry la blog upload picture vry slow...and i have so many X-Plodetes cheer pic from Clinics to Cheer 09 ...if you wanna have a look at it go to my facebook or Sylvia's blog :) she vry free upload pic heheh
I'm Confrimed! :D It feels great! I will never exchanged this wonderful experienced i had throughout this whole journey for me to get confirmed with anything else..
I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit that I've never felt b4
I got so much closer to Lord and get to knw him better
I got to knw my catechism friends better that I've been the same class with the from Standard 1
only till last year and this year I knew them better..although i knew them for like 11 years :P
but all i can say is
It was awesome!
I Love Being A Christian!
pictures? at my facebook :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Patience Ppl! :D

Yes i knw u want all those Cheer 09 ,Cheer Clinic's and Confirmation Camp's pictures rite?
Will upload it soon! :D dont worry all those pictures are safe in my hand heheh :P Btw I have 500 pictures all yeah need time ppl! Be Patience Especially Sylvia Cham! :P *anoooo*