Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Awesome! *eventhough with a retarded leg*

Hey ppl! yeah my blog is full of spidey web edi :P too long didnt blog sorry!...and I wont be blogging till after SPM *shit* so get updated about us X-Plodetes, Cheer 09 go to Sylvia *bestie* 's famous blog :P
Btw, my leg is recovering :)
I can jump!
do bow and arrow!
heel stretch!
*working on scorpian*
I even show Mizan i can jump just now in tuition class :P
thx for caring guys!
ok thats all for this time! Have to wait till December :(
Cheer Is Still My Life! And Others Is Just Details Of My Life!
*even with a retarded leg* :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheerleader!,Catholic!,Crutches user -.-

Bone Fractured!
Yeah didnt know it will end up like that! Everyone thought it just 'sprained ankle'. I went to 4 different chinese medicine/doctors..
1st was a chinese massage lady, results: even more painful! and i cry my heart out till some of my saliva started to dripped :P pls serious sakit,dun even bother how disgusting it was
2nd doctor result: ass injection...
next day I continued to go for Cheer 09 and tahan the pain...i dunno how i did it but i think is because the power of prayer and oso the Spirit of a cheerleader ;P
3rd time went back to the chinese massage again,result:less pain but still pain -.-
4th was a chinese medicine*tabib* result: no pain cause he just placed some chinese meds to my day still abit same..
5th orthopaedics doctor result: Fractured bone! Rm429 for my medication and x-ray an ass injection...using crutches -.- yeah Thx Embie and Nissa! they was so happy that I was their 1st friend who uses crutches ...* i dun use crutches edi* :P
now my leg is getting better i hope ...i cant jump nor dance for 4 to 6 months...:(
Cheer Drama!
I think everyone knws what had happened to X-plodetes cheer team i guessed...It started off like this...
5 days before Cheer 09 Competition Sharon dislocated her elbow due to playing with her bro! And she is the captain for this year and the main flyer! this year routine was awesome! and many new stunts that no one did yeah only those close friend sees that routine b4..haih
So i have to replaced her place
as the main flyer..
I was not good at her tumbling part,I dunno why, I can do a walkover but kept on doing mistakes till i hurt myself*but was ok*
i think because of the pressure..i only left like 4 days O.O
Last practice on Thursday night, 2nd of July yeah 2 days b4 Cheer 09
this is our last practice on the whole routine that night and guess wat?
I fell...
from Extension Liberty
landed on my left ankle and sprain...*didnt knw it was fractured la*
next day thought i wont be ok till competition day but! I woke up cant walk...
I called Sylvia straight she was at skol and i wasnt obviously -.-
I told her abt it and they have to changed the whole routine! like a day b4 Cheer 09!
So our cheerleaders started practising the new routine...
everyone was one is calm ..even Sharon *the captain for 09*
i wasnt allowed to go out of house..but i insisted to go there(bukit mewah our practice place)
I calmed everyone to them....and finally ask them to show me the new routine
It wasnt the best routine but this is the only routine we can do now and we did or best..
and my cheerleaders did the best!:)
although all this pressured hit them at this vry moment but they took that to aside and prove to me that they can do it ! I was really proud!
The next day...we go for it and did our best we can :)
other ppl might say we suck and no extreme stunts and stuff but i dun bother to listen
cause no one knew wat had happened within that week...
I didnt perform on 4th of July,Saturday...the pain was still there so i rest..
then after that night...we go back to skol and practice once..
Yaya fell...and hit her head on the floor...and bleed
everything was so bad luck to us...everything hit us within that week
and Yaya was rush to the hospital but was ok just minor cut on her head even the X-ray didnt say anything * Thx Lord*
5th July,Sunday,the last day for us..
Yaya is down i went back in the routine..
changed the whole routine AGAIN! at 6am in skol...practice for 20 minutes the most and went for it:D
everything was good and i tahan the pain:)
WE DID GREAT! yes not as good as other teams...but they dont have so much problems...
I'm Just So Proud :D
Eventhough i really want our original routine to show...but we cant...I'm still not normal yet,so do Sharon's elbow... but will video the original one and sure to post it up here and at all X-Plodetes Cheerleaders blogs :)
you want Cheer 09 picture?
Sorry la blog upload picture vry slow...and i have so many X-Plodetes cheer pic from Clinics to Cheer 09 ...if you wanna have a look at it go to my facebook or Sylvia's blog :) she vry free upload pic heheh
I'm Confrimed! :D It feels great! I will never exchanged this wonderful experienced i had throughout this whole journey for me to get confirmed with anything else..
I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit that I've never felt b4
I got so much closer to Lord and get to knw him better
I got to knw my catechism friends better that I've been the same class with the from Standard 1
only till last year and this year I knew them better..although i knew them for like 11 years :P
but all i can say is
It was awesome!
I Love Being A Christian!
pictures? at my facebook :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Patience Ppl! :D

Yes i knw u want all those Cheer 09 ,Cheer Clinic's and Confirmation Camp's pictures rite?
Will upload it soon! :D dont worry all those pictures are safe in my hand heheh :P Btw I have 500 pictures all yeah need time ppl! Be Patience Especially Sylvia Cham! :P *anoooo*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

tagged by Miss Laihoong :D

Copy to your own note, erase my answer, enter yours, and tag twenty people.
Use the first letter of you name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real... nothing made up!If the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers,you cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/ girl name question.
1. What is your name: Madeline Low Mei Sin ;P
2. A four Letter Word: Many :D
3. A boy's Name: Matthew ;P
4.A girl's Name: Marian xD
5. An occupation: Model :D
6. A colour: err oh shit wats in M? oh -.- yeah Maroon hahah
7. Something you'll wear: miniskirt! :)
8. A food: McDonalds xD
9. A place: Mid Valley hahha
10. A reason for being late : Mom didnt wake me up
11. Something you'd shout: Madeline Love Cheerleading!
12. A movie title: Mamma Mia :P
13. Something you drink: Milo hahha
14. A musical group: eh?m? :D Mamma mia is dat haha
15. An animal: Mouse :)
16. A street name: Mohd Jalan *make that up*
17. A type of car: Mini Copper :P
18. The title of a song: Matahariku by Agnes Monica :)
Tag :
Mat V

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Post :) [Part 1]

Went to Jusco for karaoke with my besties Sylvia and Embie, and also Snow,Keat Zhen and Ivan...Jac and Mat was supposed to follow us too but Jac was sick so Mat decided not to follow.So I decided to go for cheer practice before I head to anywhere else, forced Yaya to do her scorpion, initially it was really low till she cant grab her foot but after i forced her and taught her, ended up really great and much improved ;)

Keat Zhen came for cheer practice too before going off :). He and his vry 'Ong' shirt :P. After the awful practice *disappointed* we went straight to Jusco for karaoke at Green Box which is fully sponsor by Ivan *the walking ATM* hahah he just wants to pay for it so we said Thank You :P we was so surprised that Keat Zhen can sing so well! He is really talented :) lucky Embie :P opps heheh, he can plays the piano really well, he represent Selangor for badminton and really good at studying now another talent discovered, singing! After 3 hours of screaming *ahem* i mean singing :P we went for movies ;) we wanted to watch Monsters Vs. Alien but tickets sold out so have to watch '17 Again' acted by Zac Effron ,did i spell his name correctly? watever...It was ok not too bad not too good I would say average rating..

look how cute Sylvia looks haha

Burberry! *stolen from my sis :P*


Keat Zhen really can sing!

she is an Awesome singer!

He pays the bills but didn't sing end up paying it to sleep :P


The next day...went for Tumbling Class :) While Shaun fetching me there I take pictures :P again...

his dancing mask

Shaun pumping petrol :P

found a nail clipper in Shaun's car so decided to cut my nails :P

my retard front tuck :P

Shaun's awesome front tuck

Tumbling Class :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

X-Plodetes Supporter Shirt

Attention to everyone! X-Plodetes supporter shirt left 5 pieces to go only. So better be quick cause is finishing already :) we only anounced selling it like few days ago now is already left 5 pieces . Btw is only RM10! Gets yours quick! Together we make it happen! :D Thanks to those who supported us! I represent X-Plodetes to thank all of you! :D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

X-Plodetes Going For Cheer 09! :D

All the hard worked and prayer all turn out what we wanted yeah! :P like what my previous post..wait and wait and wait...again! Last Thursday we did it again but this time successful :D Then we rushed to the Star head quarter. All thanks to Shaun Tan! Love You Shaun *hugss* he fetch us there at 3pm straight after my headmistress signed the Cheer 09 form. Thank Lord! and thank one of the teacher who supported ur Pn. Cheah who also did prayed for us Thank You teacher! Thank everyone who supported X-Plodetes! and dont forget Cheer 09 is one 4th and 5th of July! If you have transport problem dont worry we will provided *not for free* and only for SMK Taman Jasmine students :) We will be selling X-Plodetes supporter's shirt *new design* white* is only for RM 10 each. So book yours fast! it is now selling like hot cakes.

Cheer 09 :4th & 5th of July 2009
: Saturday and Sunday

#Bus is provided, price is unconfirmed
#X-Plodetes Supporter's Shirt : Rm 10 each

Pls contact Maddie me or Sylvia Cham.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is wat we got for 4 years hard worked?

Some teachers are unfair vry unfair. What is her problem? Cheerleading isnt about doing slutty stuff or against the law. Kementerian Pelajaran APPROVED it ok! Today is due date for cheer and she kept on avoiding me, Suet Yee and Sharon. She been giving us all kind of unreasonable excuses just to stopped us for going Cheer 09. We waited for our Head Mistress from 2pm til 5pm but she didnt come back but we managed to see 'that teacher' all she said was we have get 2 teachers to go with us during the competition, we found 2 but she said 'No'...and said our attitude is bad, but we didnt even practice at school! When she needs us for performances like Sports Day or Road Run...we said yes we are willing to perform but when we need something from them ,she dont even bother to look at us or recognized us...all the teachers in our school knew us and she pretend that she have not heard before...And this is what I got for 4 years of hardship fighting for Cheerleading to be noticed by teacher and approved by school. Our Headmistress approved us last year and like us, but this year she took 5 months of un-paid leaved not sure why...and has to much things to do and 'that teacher' took our form and didnt even bother to give it to my Headmistress. All my bloods , sweats, tears, all gone...I've been frightened by teacher to get expel from school because of Cheer but I am willing to do it if I have to but end up he is ok with us.. I waited 4 years since form 1 and I and my besties succeed last year but this year because of her we cant go...I am really really speechless and nothing cant bring back my happiness, craziness or words that can express my feelings now..i felt helpless and I tried my best edi and it didnt worked out...why cant I as a student get my rights? The school wrote on the board we need to 'tingkatkan our kokurikulum' whats that? Others teacher oso said you just dont like us and we should get what we've been working hard on...Sylvia and I was the founder of X-Plodetes then other 2 of my besties, Embrys and Denissa joined us after that...Thank you guys...and all the members of X-Plodetes letting me screw you guys up... thank Suet Yee and Sharon for being so patience and just do as I said and waited with me...Thank you Vincent! I'm sorry that i begged so long but it didnt worked out at the last minute...I really thank u a million for the spirit you gave us and being so patience helping us settle this and went to school and talked to them...Love You Vincent! Thank You Coach!....there goes the biggest cheer competition this year, the 10Th anniversary of Cheer Competition.... wont be blogging a long time more....I dont have the mood to do anything now...Really disappointed...

the founder

Cheer Clinics 08

First Extension Liberty

Appeared on

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melaka Trip! :)

vanessa and me
all calm before leaving HFK church

after a few while we play truth or dare :) and my fren have to kiss another boy! hahah
2009 Confirmation class!
dare him to poll dance *on a religious trip*
kaithlin poll dance on michelle

sorry shaun is andrew take wan
serric and me
1st stopped dunno wat church

uncle William explaining

2nd stopped Monforts Boys Home

it tasted like burger

clean rite?

Pink Bed! but drew said is pink to me :D
3rd stopped Santa Cruz Church *the church only opens twice a year*

but is open! :) Uncle William said is becuz of our good intension Lord grant what we seek for on this trip :)

4th stopped
Big Bos *white shirt*
sorry bos! :P
2009 Confirmation student!
Big bos kena pukul ;P

back bend haha

Drew showing off his fake magic
sorry bos!

5th stopped
St.Peter Church

6th stopped

Gay brothers
where ever i go Cheerleading is always with me!
sick kids
Bollywood style!
shaun and sungai hahha

serric's big boobs O.o


me cartwheel-ing!
found a coconut tree !

shaun, serric, drew, jem ,alvin *nic cant see him*

St.Francis Xavier
Drew's fat fingers

the cript of pioneer...i forgot

after evening mass

shaun :) the crowd at Jonker street

heading back home
before I leave Melaka

An awesome trip to Melaka :) It should have been a religious trip and everyone should have been calm and praying all the time but turned out everyone was playing truth or dare in the bus, joking around, gay-ing in the bus and this has make our relationship closer as one catholic from Holy Family Kajang :) and I enjoyed every moments of it. Besides I get to go all this churches where miracles happened. We reached a church were they dont allowed anyone to enter the old church but with Lord's blessing the clerk there let us in :) lucky us. Then we went to Monforts Boys Home, this is where the boys from poor family , drop outs or cant cope with their studies come stay here, they have been trained to do the chores and everything by their own , most of the boys there are muscluline and cute hahah :P. We are vry lucky ppl cause when we arrived there, one of the boys who have stay there before and now working donated 30 computers and a brand new Hilux *with plastic still on i saw* see HFK ppl brings luck hahah. Then we went straight to Santa Cruz church a well known church where ppl come from all over the country to celebrate Feast Day and Lent * if i not mistaken* and only on this two special day they use the church any other days the wont even open it and Lucky us again the church is open, not because we ask them to is because one of the ppl there felt like opening the church today :) see lucky us! and we got the chanced to visit the church and prayed there :) then we went for lunch. After that we went straight to visit other err....churches la..then we got the chanced to walk walk on our own in Melaka town and I cam-whore again ;) then by sunset we attended mass at St.Francis Xavier Church then go look for dinner at Jonker Street :) reached Kajang somewhere around 12 i think cause I was too blurred and sleepy and think