Monday, September 29, 2008

Wonder Girls!

Check out this Korean group ' Wonder Girls ' i found out this group when i was watching some youtube video:P go check them out i bet u will be entertain by them...:)

Their from South Korea & produced by JYP *Park Jin Young* the one who make RAIN *Jung-Ji Hung famous in de States *I Love Rain! *:P
and signed to JYP talent agency. Then the 5 of them was chosen during the audition.
They debuted in 2007 :) & they became popular in the fall of that year with the song
'Tell Me'
Throughout 2007 Wonder Girls was hit by various injuries & health problem... 1st was So Hee hurt her knee ligament after falling off from a motorcycle during a filming *dunno wat show la* den after that Hyun Ah was removed from the group due to her health problem...den the her place is replace by Yoo Bin *the rapper*

Their choreography is simple but it worked! Ppl started to copy their dance...*i love it too :)*
Their not that kind of Taiwan girls who act cute oni...*Hei Se Hui Mei Mei* yeah they are cute but nothing more to see, some of the group member cant dance oni knw how act cute *wtf* ...lets face the truth u girls u guys are like 20++ yrs old -.- is time for u guys to change!,grow!think!...mayb u guys change edi i dunno cuz i'm not interested :P *sorry for those fans*
Anyway Wonder Girls is a group which they can dance & sing :)
and their oni 16 to 20 yrs old! and their future is so bright & they are so mature! or mayb is their manager or producer which guide them and give them de best not like the group *up there* ...probably they just give them pink,cute/lala clothes to wear hahah :P evil me...

Here are the members profile :)

Sun Ye
Birth name:Min Sun Ye
Date of birth: August 11, 1989 (age 19)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Discovery: 2001 Park Jin Young's Challenge of 99%

Yoo Bin
Birth name: Kim Yu BinDate of birth: October 4, (age 19)
Position: Main Rapper
Discovery: Good entertainment trainee

Ye Eun
Birth name: Park Ye Eun
Date of birth: May 26, 1989 (age 19)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Discovery: 2006 audition during the show MTV 'Wonder Girls Season 1'

Sun Mi
Birth name: Sun Mi
Date of birth: May 2, 1992 (age 16 )
Position: Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Discovery: JYP Entertainment Trainee

So Hee
Birth name: Ahn So hee

Date of birth: June 26, 1992 (age 16)
Position: Sub Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper
Discovery: JYP Entertainment Trainee

'So Hot'

*my fav song*

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Tomorrow is Sylvia's Ballet War :P her erm...Advance Foundation exam...*sometimes i just like to boost abt her gred telling everyone she is in Advance 2 hehehe :) * she is a great Ballerina! I like to see her in her Pointe shoe & reading her ballet book *yeah a book * why do ppl created a dance with movement & position & put it in a book??? Hip Hop Locking Jazz none of it got a book * i dun even wish for one* Ok abt that book it takes years to pronounce even a word -.- ....but i like reading that book but Syl always laugh abt it :( cuz is all in weird languages & oni Syl likes foreign languages like German , she even bought a German dictionary to just listen to Tokio Hotel's song -.- initially i tot Tokio Hotel is a hotel is Tokyo -.- yeah a hotel where ppl stay in for holidays or something hahahah *how la i knw them..rite? btw they look like girls *pretty girls* :P ok enuff of that i wanna wish Sylvia ...

dont be scare ,u can do better than others :)
just imagine I'm the judge haha *bet u cant stop laughing on stage*

This month is Tongu's month :)
Tongu is my best friend her actual name is Embrys but most ppl call her tongu cuz of her hair
Tongu actually means Mushrooms :P

See get wat i mean?
haha i din do a great job on that :P but anyway i knw Syl & Nissa will love it :)
So come & celebrate Tongu's Month with us yeah!
U just have to blog abt Tongu or maybe u had eaten a Tongu that taste Nice :P
hahah enjoy blogging abt it :D
Dance competition is coming soon...not really that soon is on Dec 14 if i'm not mistaken. I'm goin to enter this competition & oso teach kids for this competition oso *headache* i need to teach kids from 10 to 12 yrs old...*imagine i got de same height as them or maybe shorter than them -.- & i'm going to Teach?! How cool *not* ...there will be 4 boys & 2 girls in the team that i'm teaching *o_o* this 2 girls are twins & vry vry pretty :) is Aivvy & Yuvvy 'they already reach my height & they are oni 10' *cry for help* Oh My F! when will i get any taller? but they are kinda shy ..& my dance is kinda rough and slightly sexy *dun worry no stripping or slapping* *they are kids* :/ so don't knw wat to hard man.... I chosen a song which call Show Me Some Money by Petey Pablo, dunno whether this kinda song suits them anot...must give it a try * fingers cross* Good Luck to me! :)

Struggling on

the choreography ,



My Lord help me!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi to My 2 Jahat fren & 1 Tongu fren :P
U guys are so wrong! oh my Fuck!*new word* created by Maddie :P lol ok serious now *ahem* u guys might think it is & it might gonna happen
*yeah i knw u guys wish for it & thats de most sad part -.- for me & Jackpot for u guys..oh God*
but is really NOT gonna happen *serious* dun laugh u guys*
And I'm sure u guys knw me & mr.L *Sylvia my bestie call him Mr.Loser* anyway thx Syl kinda true :P oppss
ok get back to topic
we been together 3 years edi so is not easy for me to let go...*psss* guess wat i found out he cant either :P*
BUT yeah i knw -.- i dreamed abt *AHEM*
but so wat????
Reality check! dream is not gonna come true & definitely not gonna be reality :)
erm yeah i dun even knw *ahem* or talk to him b4* goooood*
so ntg going to happen between Mr.Dunno Him & Me :)

to Nissa
*BOOYAH* *using ur favor word*:P

to Sylvia
erm....lets get Embrys now :)

to Embrys
* High Five on your BUTT* hahahah :D

wanna knw wat happen go to my link click on Sylvia my besties

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


3 of my Besties loves me alot! they cant live without me :P rite? my frens? haha
so i Have to blog abt them althou they gonna kill me :[

this is few of those guys who desperately want my besties
*sorry cant name them all this is all i knw*


Tai Kaw
another Hiew
Raj something
Ah Fat

*but the winner who wins over her expensive heart is MADDIE me :P*


Ah Fat

*and the winner is.....*tink* Joe Jonas!


Tai Kaw
Teck Jun

* the champion is ....My ASS -.- no la is......ZOE JING!*



Short Anxious Desperate

The Asshole Who wins over my heart is My 3 Jahat frens :)





Monday, September 22, 2008

Tuesday, 23rd Sept.

rewarded myself buying this (understand la means single lo)

Seen Sylvia n Nissa wanted this clothe so much which i bought it to reward myself :P
I present it to them oso la :)
Gotcha! Nissa n Sylvia I knw u guys read my blog muahahah lol i wont buy for u guys
cuz it suits me oni *proud*
  • Nissa + BK guys * Bible Knowlegde guy* which she refused to tell us. Evil Fren!
  • Sylvia + Justin *kinda sissy,blur n sad*
  • Embrys + Zoe Jing * smart guy good future for Embie
Nissa Likes BK Guy

Sylvia Don't Like Justin

Embrys Admired Zoe Jing

Dont thx me i knw u guys juz Love wat i do rite :) Kamsia Kamsia...tak perlu 'standing ovation'


Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, 19th Sept.

ntg happen much today...went to skol but din study at all...Came back has to tapou mamak food :( mom is not in..n darn it my sis's fried rice tasted better than mine *mee goreng*...which tasted like Charcoal * not that i eat charcoal b4 la* -.- it just taste suck. then when for tuition jeremy make this dunno call wat which has a human body n it JUST LOOK WEIRD! He is just so sad...mayb bcuz he is the only child...poor thing -.-
Jeremy= JawaMe

the came back eat den my sis is sitting beside me like a *KUTU*...
my sis: i wanna be a butterfly!
me: okok la haih
my sis: i live in a KEPOMPONG !
me : *laughs*

okok both of us are retarded but my sis is more retard la *evil smile*. you knw why she is sitting beside of me now cuz she wanna play the comp...-.- like small kid keep on looking at me...
ok thats all for now :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Alec & Melissa
Zhi Shun & Michelle
lonely me try to smile
casino entrance
the security guard!
opps!makan time!
went for archery :)
kesian maddie not in de pic:(
lolhaha Embrys head!Alec,Melissa,Dad & Mom all 3on the way back kjg.playfirst :)

ntg much to say abt..

Friday, September 5, 2008


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