Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Byebye (:

Changed To Tumblr.

Boohoo! Where are you?

Lets not get into anything emotional. Lets get SERIOUS! Where are you guys?? ): 
I've loss a sleeveless top
a short pants
the camera!
Where??? Oh man! this is hard ): I need you sleeveless top and short pants. The most important one is my camera :(

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not Same Brain...

Maybe we are not as Same Brain that I thought we were all along...everything changed. EVERYTHING. I've changed to become a person to less depend on bestfriends already. Never thought that that thing would have happened but it already have. We have not fought since they day we met. Disagreement happened but never fought. This might be categorized as not a fight but maybe I don't know. People changed, bestfriends wont be bestfriends anymore, and that suck real bad. It is really Hurtful. You might think that I judged, criticise, I just being another typical audience listening to this, giving the same kind of opinions and response to you. You agreed that truth is always better and that is what kept us close as 4. I'm giving you what I think and you know I hate keeping secrets and lying to any of you, but you seems to like the lies better isn't it? Your the closest one to me and now I actually know you lesser, actually I don't know you anymore. You have your love and you've already abandoning us. Talking to you seem so hard now. Everything is kept within you. I thought we were bestfriends and we hide nothing. Maybe you like being by yourself. Maybe we are just disturbing your life. People told me that you have changed and you no longer need friends from highschool. Love is taking everything away from us. It have taken away You. Maybe he knows you more than we know you. Maybe 5 years of friendship can't be compared to a cute guy who you know for few months. You trust him. So you mean that you no longer trust what your closest friends thinks?. Hey its hurtful! I might be strong in front of you guys but I have my inner side too. Maybe is my fault. All mine. I give up. This is not me but why do I care so much for? Your the closest one to me and you don't care how I feel. You've won. No he won. He seems to be more important than any of us now. I might not have anyone that have the same idea, thinking, lifestyle, interest..But I'm happy that we have once known each others. We did not fought or quarrel but its the feeling of awkwardness that it have built withing us both and 4 of us. I do not know when will be the time that we 4 founders of the cheer team to be back doing the same old things. Now I don't judge why some people have bitch fights over small matter and it threatens their friendship..

Hurt deeply.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Excited At All...

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of my college lifes...I'm not excited or happy ...I actually feels kinda sad cause my besties wont be around me everyday anymore...we wont be eating in the canteen till recess is over eventhough we are the school's loudly about dirty stuff at the shit about some loser...I miss all those stuff we 4 do together...Sylvia is going to Nottingham for her foundation in arts too later on March..Embrys might be going for Form 6 studies, Nissa is still in NS..later on might be going to Taylors..
All 4 of us now are in our separate more together building up cheer team or all together being school's prefect at the same time..but no matter how life goes on.. they will be the only besties I had or ever will have (: Guys! I Love You *muackx* :)
I miss my dude bestie too..thats Andrew and Julian..they have make my life so much of happiness and laughter :) but sometimes they are quite a douche bag..but I still love them alot...and I know after Julian goes Singapore for La Salle College he will definitely forget about me cause I'm not in his hot chicks list -.- ..Drew on the other hand only will remember me because I'm his forever worker and his my forever boss -.- without getting any paid hahhah lol Drew really wants to be a pilot and I really do hope he will be one (: hey I got pray for him ok I'm such a good friend :)..hmmm
Hopefully everything goes smoothly for me tomorrow :/ even without all of
Btw Jac if your reading this, I wish you all the best there, take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy, study hard and remember all of us here :) make sure you keep in touch alright!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Was thinking about what to buy for my friend, Jac who is going to Australia to futher his studies there. So was wondering what to get him..I really have no idea what to give him..oh wait! I can get him a GUN! :D he loves guns..then he can like kill someone hahha ..-.- stupid idea, how the hell am I going to find a real gun. Shirts perhaps? maybe frame? then we print out some of his friends photo :) then he'll bring it there put it next to his bed! wait..thats abit gay..every morning you wake up and see all your retarded friends greeting you hahahh =P ...idea anyone? he will be leaving this I dont have much time to go find gifts for him..oh man this is hard..:(

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Alive

Actually I'm dead thats why is so sunyi here since my last post...but now I'm force to come back here I am trying to blog again..but I think I will die again :) soon...I wont tell you how was SPM cause i basically screwed up the whole thing :'( *hopefully my sister dont see this or not I'm dying even faster than I thought I will* I'm not allow to screw up happened already *shit*. OK! has been ok for me :) holiday is ok guys might be screwing me already holiday should be awesome right? but only some days is awesome like Go Green Party/Prom :D , Go Green Crew Outing :D , Go Green Mini 2 ;D ...every other days? I'm at home -.-..mop, sweep, clean Snowy's pee and poop..basically cleaning my house everyday of my holiday:( my routine has not changed till Sylvia lend me a novel! yes I know you guys must be thinking Maddie with a book? Is she using the pages to clean her ass? lol I'm actually reading it..I dont know why:P is a Sidney Sheldon book Tell Me Your awesome! is creepy! yet interesting ;D is not those teenage love life or teenage drama which is so predictable -.- she make out with her bestfriend's boyfriend then they fight and eat each other head off something boring like that...but this book is different;D now I know why Sylvia is such a NERD! because nerd actually doing something so interesting :D by the way I finished the book in ONE day ;D so proud of myself * Good Job Maddie! pat shoulder* now i need another book :D by the way Sylvia's house is a library means she is also a librian :D she have so many she is finding another creepy killing mystery for me (: