Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Alive

Actually I'm dead thats why is so sunyi here since my last post...but now I'm force to come back here I am trying to blog again..but I think I will die again :) soon...I wont tell you how was SPM cause i basically screwed up the whole thing :'( *hopefully my sister dont see this or not I'm dying even faster than I thought I will* I'm not allow to screw up happened already *shit*. OK! has been ok for me :) holiday is ok guys might be screwing me already holiday should be awesome right? but only some days is awesome like Go Green Party/Prom :D , Go Green Crew Outing :D , Go Green Mini 2 ;D ...every other days? I'm at home -.-..mop, sweep, clean Snowy's pee and poop..basically cleaning my house everyday of my holiday:( my routine has not changed till Sylvia lend me a novel! yes I know you guys must be thinking Maddie with a book? Is she using the pages to clean her ass? lol I'm actually reading it..I dont know why:P is a Sidney Sheldon book Tell Me Your awesome! is creepy! yet interesting ;D is not those teenage love life or teenage drama which is so predictable -.- she make out with her bestfriend's boyfriend then they fight and eat each other head off something boring like that...but this book is different;D now I know why Sylvia is such a NERD! because nerd actually doing something so interesting :D by the way I finished the book in ONE day ;D so proud of myself * Good Job Maddie! pat shoulder* now i need another book :D by the way Sylvia's house is a library means she is also a librian :D she have so many she is finding another creepy killing mystery for me (:

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