Friday, August 29, 2008

Line Dance isn't wat u think it is!

my mom

my jie n I

People thought that Line Dance is only for Aunties sekalian,but is so much different now...dunno wat i mean? Is actually they are getting more n more sexy in the way they dance n the way they dress *even during practice* *husband tak marah* heheh :P. Even teenagers nowadays dun go for latin or hiphop(but some do go la) but they go for Line dance ...yeah i'm serious! They even dance with song like Pussycat Dolls songs, it just so much different from the old days where they usually dance with cowboy outfit or dance with oldies slow songs. And how i knw all this is because my mom is a line dancer -.- my mom goes for practice every night for 8 to 10 sometimes she will skip cuz too tired. At first i was like ask mom to not go for line dance but go for like Belly Dancing , but she i dun like it till i go for my mom's dance club dinner party. The place was Huge! n i was surrounded by alot of aunties n teenage who bedazzled their clothes..* vry SHINING * they do dat cuz some of them got Line Dance competition * yup My MOM oso* and the most shocking thing is dat EVEN TEENAGE DUDE GO FOR LINE DANCE n i'm not saying those Girlie type but those who is vry hiphop type u guys get wat i mean? But i was much impressed the way they dance they totally change my mind :D hehe

World Changed, People Changed & I've Changed My Mind! :P