Monday, December 29, 2008

Everything goes by so fast...

Yes I didn't update my blog or even publish anything due bla bla bla *cut the crap* cause lazy :P

14th Dec - Dance Competition-

Some of X-Plodetes members and Prom 08 staff came and support Suet Yee and my dance team :) * Thank All Of You * Luckily,*thank God* my took team the Champion's title! :P *Non-Stop Girls Crew* 1st runner up - Non-Stop Boys , and 2nd runner up is Funk'a'Holicz which is Shaun and Lester's team.

15th Dec - Jasmine Prom Night 08 *Hollywood Glamz*

Prom was awesome! I wont wanna change it with anything else :) but HATE Oriental Crystal's managers and staffs and who ever that works there...BOO! Your management Suck! Dont ever go there cause they will only make your function suck. So yeah! Go take up Hotel Management course again!..BUT everyone was AWESOME! all those folks that attended the prom were all sporting enough :) all of them was up on their feet at the dance floor, the performers are great like BunkFace,Dichi Michi,Scarlet Lips,Funk'a'Holicz, Nissa and Vic Jamm, and last but not least Us! * Sylvia and Me :P* hahah


Amoy Tak cantik -.- tapi Baju CANTIK! :D

Shaun and me

my prom date

21st Dec - Dance Performance at Genting

Went up Genting early in the morning when all of the dancers is still half asleep except the driver la :p 1st show was at Genting Outdoor Theme was freezing cold! Eventhough we warmed ourselves up, after 5 minutes we are still shivering cold cause is just after RAIN! -.- but the weird thing was, 1 of the dancer *8 yrs old* her nose was bleeding...hmmm weird har..cause I thought during hot days or dry weather ppl will only get nose bleed...hahah maybe Cold is Hot and Hot is Cold for her hahah lol..:P The crowd there was kinda blur and gave no reaction -.- it seem like we are dancing 'Syok Sendiri' to bunch of Fish -.- maybe everyone was busy playing and left those Old ppl, who don't play games that will give them 'heart attack' hahha so they just walk around :P after all CSDS dance showed their stuff...I SAW ALAM! from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE reality show! and oso his crew members 'WAKAKA Crew' took pictures with him after his dance performance *Alam bright up my day :) after those blur-case crowd* :P . The 2nd Show was awesome! cause it was at First World Indoor Theme Park LOVE IT! cause BIG stage, Lighting is great and The Crowd's reaction Brialliant! :) all the dancer dance till *syok sendiri* :) means good!

Non-Stop Girls

Dancer's Pass!

Back stage! love that place

Alam and lucky me!

25th- Christmas!

Went Midnight mass on X'Mas eve...on X'Mas day went to Uncle Simon's a Lasenza's PJ :) Love it! Thank Uncle Simon and family! and got a back pack from my sister Melissa *Thank You* but is too small and can only fit 2 buku rujukan..but is ok can use for dance training :) Merry X'mas everyone !

Is only 3 days left ..and I'm a year older..SPM is getting nearer and no more enjoyment no more fun no more just like a blink of eye and everything is over for year 2008...1 year goes by so fast and memories when i was 13 is still so fresh..haih...New Year is making me scare...and I'am not looking forward for it even I'm celebrating it with my besties at my place...sorry Syl! on 31st you will only see me eat and watch tv....I wont be happy about New is so short and fast....what to do......

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Title says it all...-.- dance the whole freaking church friends tricked me-.- cuz i was getting prepared to go to church at my dance studio...all of sudden Serric called said is cancel -.- ....i dress up so decently for church end up i have to dance wit my decent clothe which is totally sucky...when for dinner after that to pizza hut...bought another dance shoe*which is only for dance* / sport shoe , i got tons of sport shoe...every day before i go to dance classes i have to choose which one to wear...n depend on what dance i'am going to dance later -.- . After that went back to studio again -.- lol my life is full of dance dance dance...then practice my dance routine for the upcoming dance competition which it will be held at Metro Point, Kajang. 2pm. 14th December 08. Be there :) and got check out my team Non-Stop Girls & Non-Stop Boys :)....*continue* came back check out my competitor in youtube hahah lol they are good btw..*fingers cross* quarrel with my prom date again -.- lol who care...:P Syl remember wat i told u? 7.30pm at dance floor hahah lol * oni retards like me n Sylvia understand* so for those who are not retard *sad* -.-......