Friday, May 14, 2010

Not Same Brain...

Maybe we are not as Same Brain that I thought we were all along...everything changed. EVERYTHING. I've changed to become a person to less depend on bestfriends already. Never thought that that thing would have happened but it already have. We have not fought since they day we met. Disagreement happened but never fought. This might be categorized as not a fight but maybe I don't know. People changed, bestfriends wont be bestfriends anymore, and that suck real bad. It is really Hurtful. You might think that I judged, criticise, I just being another typical audience listening to this, giving the same kind of opinions and response to you. You agreed that truth is always better and that is what kept us close as 4. I'm giving you what I think and you know I hate keeping secrets and lying to any of you, but you seems to like the lies better isn't it? Your the closest one to me and now I actually know you lesser, actually I don't know you anymore. You have your love and you've already abandoning us. Talking to you seem so hard now. Everything is kept within you. I thought we were bestfriends and we hide nothing. Maybe you like being by yourself. Maybe we are just disturbing your life. People told me that you have changed and you no longer need friends from highschool. Love is taking everything away from us. It have taken away You. Maybe he knows you more than we know you. Maybe 5 years of friendship can't be compared to a cute guy who you know for few months. You trust him. So you mean that you no longer trust what your closest friends thinks?. Hey its hurtful! I might be strong in front of you guys but I have my inner side too. Maybe is my fault. All mine. I give up. This is not me but why do I care so much for? Your the closest one to me and you don't care how I feel. You've won. No he won. He seems to be more important than any of us now. I might not have anyone that have the same idea, thinking, lifestyle, interest..But I'm happy that we have once known each others. We did not fought or quarrel but its the feeling of awkwardness that it have built withing us both and 4 of us. I do not know when will be the time that we 4 founders of the cheer team to be back doing the same old things. Now I don't judge why some people have bitch fights over small matter and it threatens their friendship..

Hurt deeply.

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